I have been involved in a car accident. What should I do now?

We at Multispray are here to assist you through the entire process from the day of the accident to the delivery of your perfectly repaired vehicle.

Being in an accident is stressful and it is important to have all the information you need so you can get your vehicle repaired in the correct manner.

According to the insurance company, I must take my vehicle to a specific repair shop. Do I have a choice in the matter?

You can decide where your vehicle will be repaired. Just keep in mind, that if your vehicle is still under guarantee, it might be better to take your vehicle to an approved autobody repair shop.

According to the Consumer Bill of Rights, you as the owner of a motor vehicle, have the right to choose the repair facility of your choice.

Do I need to get 3 estimates (quotes)?

No. The autobody industry utilizes a standard-sized and integrated estimating system that determines the cost of the repairs.

Can Multispray waive my excess?

No. Only your insurance company has the power to waive your excess. It is the portion of your repair bill that your insurance policy states that you are responsible for.

As the repair shop we, unfortunately, have no control over your excess amount, but, we have a Fender Bender finance option for you.

What does "OEM" and being "OEM CERTIFIED" mean?

OEM stands for an Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM certification means that the body shop only uses approved parts and procedures on vehicles in warranty.

Multispray has 26 OEM certifications. This means we work directly with the manufacturers who build the cars we repair. Our trained technicians attend ongoing seminars and training courses, held by these brands. In addition, Multispray is audited annually by each brand to maintain our certification and level of compliance to OEM programs.

Please refer to the Approvals page for more information regarding our OEM Approvals.

My car was severely damaged in a collision, will it ever be the same again?

Yes! We make use of the latest technology and can measure your car before and after the accident and compare it, via Bluetooth technology, with the OEM standards and repair it to comply with OEM regulations. We will provide you with a printout stating that the vehicle complies with factory standards.

In some situations, the damage is beyond safe repair limits, and should that be discovered, we would advise your insurance company not to proceed with the repair of your car.

Will the paint colour match the colour of my vehicle?

Yes! We utilize state-of-the-art paint mixing and matching systems that insures 100% color mixing on all vehicles. Every manufacturer uses different paint codes which are tied to your vehicle’s identification number (VIN).

Multispray also makes use of a spectrometer and is linked via an online system with our German paint manufacturer, should we need any assistance.

How long will the repairs take?

Our goal is to return your car to you as soon as possible. Each vehicle is different and is handled on an individual basis. In some instances, the process may take longer, mainly due to unseen damages, at the time of the estimate. We also don’t have any control over the availability of delivery of parts.

We will always keep you updated on the situations and offer our best estimates for completion time. We try to, where possible and your car is still drivable, to order parts in advance before we book your vehicle in for repairs. This limits the “downtime”.

What if I have problems after I get my car back?

We have a full warranty on all repairs and paint performed by Multispray.

However, items such as abuse, subsequent new damage after the return of your vehicle, and wear and tear are not covered.