The Multispray Repair Process

Have you ever been involved in an accident and you felt unsure of what to do next?

There's no need to stress about it. We will guide you in the right direction.

Quotation Process

Notify your insurance Company/Broker of your accident. They will assist you with the procedures to follow and the paperwork to be completed.

If your vehicle is not driveable, contact Multispray @ 084 605 1326.


Get a quotation from Multispray. (Monday to Friday 7h30-17h00)

Make sure your accident description matches the damages to your vehicle. Your Insurance Co will only cover accident-related damages.


Multispray will forward the quotation and photos of your vehicle to your Insurance Company or Broker.

An assessor may be appointed to assess the damages, but most of the time the assessment will be done digitally. Your Insurance co will notify you of this.



Once Multispray receives authorisation from your Insurance Company to repair your vehicle, you will be contacted by Multispray to inform you of the following:

The work that was authorised by your Insurance Co to be done on your vehicle. (Please check the completeness thereof)


You will be informed of:
  • The next available booking date to commence with the repairs on your vehicle
  • The estimated working days to complete the repairs, once all parts are received.
  • The excess amount, payable on the collection of your vehicle.


You will be expected to confirm the book-in date in writing, by giving us permission to order the parts in advance.


Once you have delivered your vehicle at Multispray

Please note the following:

  1. Check that we have your correct contact details
  2. Check that you are in agreement with your excess, payable on or before collection of the vehicle. (EFT needs to reflect in our bank account)
  3. Check that you are in agreement with the work to be done on your vehicle, please notify us of any additional work you want us to do on your vehicle.
  4. Please remove all personal items from your vehicle
  5. You will receive a security letter that has to be shown when collecting the vehicle on completion of repairs, as well as a Pro-forma excess invoice.


Multispray will keep you up to date with the progress of your vehicle on a regular basis. You are more than welcome to visit Multispray any time during the repair process. Please keep in mind the working days for the repair process are only an estimate and may change due to unforeseen circumstances. Once your vehicle is ready for collection, you will be contacted by Multispray to collect your vehicle.

The repair process consists of 10 steps:

The vehicle will be stripped and any unseen damages/ additional work to be done will be identified.

Insurance Co will be contacted with unseen damages/additional work for approval. Once agreed by the Insurance Company, parts are ordered and working days may be adjusted where necessary. You will be informed of this.

The repair process begins and the duration of the process depends on damages.

This consist of 4 stages

  • Flatting
  • Priming
  • Masking and
  • Colour mixing

The repaired parts/vehicle will then be spray painted with waterborne paint in the spray booth, afterwards it will be left in the heated booth for the paint to dry.

The painted parts/vehicle is polished as needed to match the original factory finish and texture.

The complete assembly of all parts and trimmings takes part at this stage.

Your vehicle is cleaned thoroughly inside and out.

Each area that was repaired is checked closely to ensure that all work was properly completed. If there were suspension damages, the vehicle is to be taken for Wheel Alignment and road tested. Many areas are checked for proper operation; instrument panel gauges, stereo operation, power windows, and locks, as well as all lights, to name just a few. If anything is found not operating correctly it is either repaired, or if it is something not related to the loss, you will be notified.

Once the vehicle passed Quality Control, the Multispray claims advisor will contact the client with the good news. The client will then collect the vehicle from Multispray. Upon collection of the vehicle, the client will sign a Clearance Certificate and pay the applicable excess fee, or total amount if the work was done on their own account.

Every customer is called approximately one week after they pick up their vehicle to make sure that they are happy with not only the repair work, but the entire repair process.